Extra services - car & scooter hire in Nelson Bay

Bay Scoot & Wheels has created a seamless and convenient car and scooter rental experience for our clients.
Whether you are a local of Nelson Bay or visiting for pleasure or business, you will find it easy and hassle-free to rent a vehicle from Bay Scoot & Wheels.

Our daily and weekly rental rates for cars and scooters are competitive. We have comprehensive insurance coverage and no hidden fees. All the extras you might need when you are renting a vehicle are available. We’re big on customer service. For your convenience, we can provide booster seats, newborn seats and vehicle delivery.
Red booster seat — Car and scooter rentals in Nelson Bay, NSW

Booster seats & newborn seats

We understand the importance of safety and comfort while renting a car, especially when you have a newborn or young child. On your visit to Nelson Bay, when you rent a car and intend to travel with younger children, please let us know at the time of your booking, so we can arrange booster seats or newborn seats.

At only $12 per car hire as a one off, these seats are here for your convenience to make driving around with your child safe and secure. Other companies might charge exorbitant fees for the very same seats, but at Bay Scoot & Wheels, this is not how we operate.
Car key — Car and scooter rentals in Nelson Bay, NSW

Vehicle deliveries

One of the most convenient aspects of renting a car from Bay Scoot & Wheels is that it’s such a simple matter to have your vehicle to be delivered to your choosen location.

Instead of hiring a taxi to make your way to our facilities in Nelson Bay, the solution you might prefer—whether you arrive by air, by train or by bus—is to request that your rental car or scooter be delivered to you. We can also pick up the vehicle from a nearby location when your rental period expires.

The pickup and delivery of vehicles can be done for a modest fee, fill out our contact form to get a quote.
Toll payment — Car and scooter rentals in Nelson Bay, NSW

Toll payments

When you drive around Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, or surrounding areas, you will inevitably run into roads that require a toll. Most tolls work seamlessly in Australia, with the vehicle having a digital tag that allows for the processing of these charges. With only a $2 admin fee (capped at $22 per vehicle hire) per toll charge we take care of paying your toll charges for you, so you won’t have to worry about anything but having a pleasant trip. Infringements incur a $36 admin fee per infringement, plus infringement charge.
If you have any questions about the extras and amenities associated with renting a vehicle from Bay Scoot & Wheels, feel free to call or email us at your earliest convenience.